Saturday Cinema Challenge - Geisha

Well - here is my entry - this one took me a while but I had fun making it. I tossed a couple of versions before this one. But here is my entry for Memoirs of a Geisha
with a close up of the fan:


Annapurna said…
Wow! That looks like a lot of work went into making it. It looks really good. Very well done.
snappystamper said…
Hey! How awesome is this? Just beautiful...Your fan turned out much better than mine!
Jeanette said…

I'm new to your blog. I just had to comment on this card. Absolutely the best. All of the detail. I'm impressed.

Sherri said…
Wow! That's so creative! Perfect!
AlienAnessa said…
I'm stunned, I would have no idea how to do that!!! Awesome job, girly!
Becky said…
WOW! Your geisha is fabulous!
Ryemilan said…
This Geisha is amazing! You have put SO much work into her and she looks so cute. Love all the small details like the pearls and flowers on her kimono. Great job!


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