It's been over a week...

WOW! Definitely my bad!

I started making frames and then I also had to work extra hours last week coz I am taking this week off.

My favorite thing EVER to do is to lie in bed and read which I did yesterday. My hubby even brought me breakfast in bed -- LOVE him! Read The Host - cool book has a bit of the flavor of the Twilight series even if it is a totally different subject matter, I think it should have been named The Soul though.

I was waiting to post the frames until I had them all done and on the wall --- but I am waiting for "spackle man!" Otherwise known as my hubby. He works part time and does runs. Well since everyone else is taking this week off he has had NO time to spackle the wall for me. Hey in this economy we are NOT turning down work! Anyway so I gave up and took a picture of them all laid out on my floor.

Here they all are!



Joan B said…
Wow, you've been busy. These are gorgeous. Have a wonderful holiday!
Sherri said…
They are lovely!

I have a little something for you over at my blog today:)
Ladybugs Mom said…
You have been one busy lady. These are all really nice. Which wall are you hanging them on?

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