Vase Filled

Here is the complete gift for my mom - who is turning 80.
Vase filled
The "flowers" are candy coated spoons -- there are 5 different "bouquets" all different flavors, 1. chocolate with marshmellows, 2. chocolate with mint, 3. chocolate with white chocolate, 4. butterscotch, 5. chocolate, white chocolate and butterscotch. The are for dipping in coffee or hot chocolate or just eating!

I am really hoping she likes this!
I still need to make her card


Tina said…
Oh my word, these are fantatic and really look super grouped together!
Charith said…
I don't see how your Mom can't love this! WOW! The vase is beautiful and what a great idea to give her those chocolate spoons. You know what I say... can't go wrong with chocolate!
Fantastic idea!!
Sankari W. said…
Are you kidding me with chocolate spoons - that is FANTASTIC!!! what a great gift - vase and all....! She is going to LOVE it!!
Penny said…
gorgeous!!!! check out my blog for an announcement.
Sharon said…
I really like how this turned out. Great job and I so must try the chocolate spoons.

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