Sankaris Movie Challenge

This was my inspiration for breakfast at tiffanys
the challenge is located here:
Breakfast at Tiffany's Challenge
I loved her coat! and that funny cat mask - and here you go!


Sankari W. said…
LOVE it!! I love that scene where Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard are running through the street in a cat and dog mask - your card totally captures it - love the colors and the bling and the black and white DP that you used on the side - beautiful!

Thank you SO much for playing along this week! YAY!!! I hope you had fun creating your cool cat Audrey card - you totally make me want to make a card from that scene too! Sending you a ton of happiness!

Best wishes,
Sankari :)
Jeanette said…

I've recently started reading your blog and I really enjoy it.

But, now down to business - I've been tagged so now your tagged. See the rules on my blog

Happy tagging.
Sherri said…
So cute! orange cat, just like poor nameless kitty in the movie!!
carolann said…
fantastic card love it I also love breakfast at tiffanys well done xxxxxxx
Catherine said…
great take on this challenge, love your card :)
Annapurna said…
I love that kitty and the orange and the pp. Very nice!
Brooke S said…
How fun that you got your inspiration from "CAT". It's so clever in the first scene in Holly's apt when she explains to the mysterious man who knocked at her door about her cat. She explains that maybe when she has a house an is settled in live it will make sense to give cat a proper name.. When you watch this movie as an adult you get so many of the messages you missed so long ago...

Thanks for sharing a card with such a great surprise...

Sharon said…
How cool it this. LOVE it.

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