New Layout

I love cards -- I love stamping. But I started all of this to keep records of my family. I now use it for so much more. To keep me sane in a world where it seems like I have control of nothing. To be able to use my creativity in a more open way (yes we engineers do use it but in the world of working for the government it is very limited how much you can do at once - small steps). To be able to start and complete something and grow in a new skill. OK enough blabbering --- so I started another layout. As you may or may not notice I am a two page layout gal. I do some single pages just not very many. So here is my latest in process. First here is the design I sketched out:

This is a Christmas Layout -- last years. I have started sketching most of my layouts before I put it together.

And here is the layout so far -- not much I know. But some progress made.

Hope all your creations are coming along too!


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