Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Glitter Displacement

This is a pic of my stickles tray -- I also keep my glitter here. But it will have to move to a new location as I have preordered the 12 new colors from LoriMart! WooHoo I am LOVING it! The order gets sent in early in September. Can we say stickles addict!! (OK now that makes chipboard, ribbon and now stickles!)
I am WAY looking forward to getting the new colors! I think it is awesome that they will match the Tim Holtz colors. Love my distress ink. I am also trying to collect all the distress embossing powers. But we will be taking it one bottle at a time there!


Annapurna said...

Every time I am here to comment, something else comes up and I end up leaving the computer. My comment "Holy cow". That is a lot of stickles I saw in one place other than in stores :-)

~Jenn~ said...

Bling can't forget you are a BLING addict! lol

Love the organization.... I'm gonna need a new system too once I get my new TH stickles form LoriMart ;)

Sharon said...

Yes, I agree with Jenn. Do NOT forget you are a BLING ADDICT. Gotta see pics with lots of BLING.

You have some TH distress embossing powder on the way to you.