Cinema Saturday - The Wizard of Oz

The inspiration for this card is twofold ---
First I am missing my daughter Sarah so I wanted to send her a card telling her that and second --- I thought of the poppies scene. My flowers are more brightly colored (I used some brads for the metal) and I used sparkly red letters (for the shoes!)

The Outside and Inside of the card reads "May ... your yellow brick road lead to me. I love you." (edit: fixed typo)

Items -- variance flower stamps (Cats eye inks) and a lot of cutting, Bazzil Paper, brads and stickles, and Tea Dye Embossing powder on the bricks.




That is so cool! I wish you could see how I'm studying those bricks ... how'd she do that, that's cool. Your DD, she's going to love it.
Tina said…
Tracy, this is incredible!
Jill said…
Ok I am pretty sure you meant yellow brick ROAD, but definitely cool!
Kim Marie said…
Wow, those bricks are AMAZING! Great card! I'm sure she will love it!
Kim Marie
Ann said…
Ohhh, what a sweet card! I'm sure she'll love it! ;)
Maria Matter said…
oH mY wORD! This is absolutely fabulous!!!! Thank you for the close up pix....that is just too awesome!!! Excellent!
Blessings, Maria
Brooke S said…
OK you crazy firl... How are you hands doing? That is a LOT of cutting...Impressive... Not just bricks but all the flowers... Way to ROCK that challenge... Your DD is totally going to be so surprised. She will love it. We have missed you.. Don't be a strange...

Juliann said…
This is just beautiful!!! GREAT BRICKS!!! I love it!!!!
Just perfect!

btw thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog!
Leonie said…
What a fantastic card, so much detail, I am sure your daughter will love it!
Nicole said…
Super awesome! I love your take on this one. What a lot of work you put into it. Great job.

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